Long live the comics!

MIKI MUSTER (22. 11. 1925 - 7. 5. 2018) We all knew him. He was THE Miki, who wrote the stories of Zvitorepec, Trdonja and Lakotnik. When my brother and I were little, we couldn't wait for this comic to appear in the local shop. After dinner we went to the room, took a comic … Continue reading Long live the comics!


Ciler Ilhan: Izgnanstvo

Çiler İlhan is a Turkish writer. As a writer, İlhan has been active since her youth. Back in 1993, she won the Yaşar Nabi award for one of her short stories. She regularly publishes stories, essays, book reviews, travel pieces and translations in Turkish newspapers and magazines. Her first book "Rüya Tacirleri Odası" (Chamber of Dream Merchants", … Continue reading Ciler Ilhan: Izgnanstvo

Bled meeting

This year's meeting was something special. 50th in a row. Something like this is an unicum in Slovenia. I am proud and honoured to be able to participate as a coordinator. We were thrilled seeing a lot of our friends of many years applied. We welcomed Franca Tiberto, Sylvestre Clancier, Jennifer Clement, many board members … Continue reading Bled meeting